Import properties from to Masterinsoft

This page is about the menu (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > BOOKING.COM > CONTENT and explains how to import properties from to Masterinsoft.

Import Properties from

You can create a new property and rooms in Masterinsoft from a property in The hotel and room IDs will be automatically added to the channel manager settings.

Step by Step Guide:


Step 1: Initiate the XML connection with

Initiate the XML connection from the property menu within the extranet and then do the Masterinsoft setup.

  1. Login to and go to ACCOUNT->CHANNEL MANAGER. If you do not see this option contact and tell them you want to use a channel manager
  2. Click the Start button and search for Masterinsoft.
  3. Choose NOT to connect automatically Bookingmanual.png
  4. Complete the rest of the on screen instructions and make sure you select a two-way connection and content.
  5. When ready you will receive a notification from
 IMPORTANT: DO NOT confirm the connection in until you perform the ‘NEXT STEPS, 3.2 2 in Masterinsoft. If you confirm the connection will remove your prices and we will not be able to import them.

Step 2: Import Property shell with rooms and prices

  1. Go to  (SETTINGS) PROPERTIES then click on “Import from OTA” and choose “”.
  2. Click on the “Import Property” button.
  3. Enter the hotel ID of the property you want to import then click on “Import from”.
  4. Go to the CALENDAR and check that your prices imported properly.
    1. Click on the “View Actual Data” Button to check which prices and availability will send to
    2. Check that all tick boxes for “Inventory and Prices” and “Bookings” are ticked for all rooms.

Up to 10 prices will import as daily prices. Minimum stays will not import.

At this stage will not send all content. You can check what sent when you click on the “View content sent to” link so you can see which information needs to be set up in Masterinsoft.

Step 3: Confirm the connection in

When your prices are correct you can confirm the connection in

Bookingconfirm.png will remove your prices and Masterinsoft will now automatically update prices, availability and import bookings.

Step 4: Import content and existing bookings from

  • Click on “Manage Content”.
  • Click on “Property” and select “Import from”
  • Go back to SETTINGS->CHANNEL MANAGER->BOOKING.COM and click on the the “Import existing bookings” button to import bookings which for future dates.